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 President and Senior Consultant - Lyle Bickley

Bickley Consulting Inc. and Bickley Consulting West Inc.

President and Senior Consultant (1985 to present)

Tandem Computers Incorporated

Product Manager, Operating System Strategy (1994-1995)

The Phoenix Companies, Inc.

Vice President of IT (1983 to 1985)

Responsible for the design and implementation of a large, on-line, national health care database system.

Other Experience

Various senior management positions utilizing broad computer experience coupled with the practical skills necessary to complete a wide array of critical projects a major regional bank.

Senior IT management position with the Federal Reserve System, including responsibility for developing the Federal Reserve’s national “Five Year Data Communications Plan”.


Professional, Education and Personal Background

Member of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

College of San Mateo, California and University of South Carolina; Electrical Engineering


Founding Member of the Computer History Museum

PDP-1 Restoration Team, Computer History Museum

Former member of the Volunteer Steering Committee, Computer History Museum

Former member of the Education Advisory Committee, Computer History Museum

Mentor, Tutor and Mentor Connection

Member of the Mountain View Challenge Team

CERT (Citizen Emergency Response Team)  Mountain View




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