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Vintage Computer Preservation and Demonstration

With our original collection of computers now at the CMoA (See previous tab), we have begun to collect a new genre of vintage systems - with an emphasis on operating systems, assemblers, compilers, utilities and applications.

Soon (hopefully) we will be adding pictures and videos of a number of those systems in operation.

Here is a partial list of the systems currently operational at BCW: DECMATE II, PDP-11/34C, HP 1000 (A400 & A600), HP3000, Strobe Data (DG Nova & Elclipse Emulation), Altos MP/M, DEC "Brutus" prototype, HP 85, Intel Development (ISIS), etc.. Work is in progress on : Altos Zenix, SWTPC, Intel Multibus, PDP-8/E, MicroVAX, etc.


Click the buttons below to see a very abbreviated inventory of the vintage systems formerly at BCW which are now located at the Computer Museum of America (CMoA)

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