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 Bickley Consulting West (BCW)


BCW provides consulting services in the fields of vintage computing, design and management. The principal consultant for BCW is Lyle Bickley whose background is shown below.

Lyle's corportate career included IBM (System Development), Federal Reserve Bank (VP, IT, Data Communications), Fidelity (VP, Planning, Quantitative Analysis), Multiple Startups, Bickley Consulting, Inc. (Systems Integration and Network Consulting), Tandem Computers (Product Manager, Operating Systems), Bickley Consulting West, Inc. (Management Consulting, Patent Litigation Support, Expert Witness).

Bickley Consulting West, Inc. formerly maintained a large collection of vintage computers and documentation to support its patent litigation services. With minor exception, that entire collection of computers and documentation has been acquired by "The Computer Museum of America" (CMoA). See:

BCW has continued to collect vintage computers (and supporting documentation) for the historical preservation and restoration. The goal is always operational hardware running its associated operating systems, development and application environments. Descriptions and pictures of our new collection will be added to this website as time permits.


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